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Asbestos Abatement / Project Monitoring & Inspection

Asbestos began as one of the world's "wonder minerals". Its unique properties, including flexibility and fire resistance, and its generally indestructable nature, made asbestos an extremely useful and popular commercial product.

Insulating materials, flooring, roofing, texture paints, wires, and automobile brake linings have all contained asbestos during the past fifty years. The widely reported health effects of exposure to asbestos include asbestosis, mesothelioma, and cancer of the lung. Because of the extended period of time between the point of exposure and onset of symptoms (latency period) being 15-40 years, the young are at the greatest risk.

Asbestos is found in two forms: Friable, which translates to soft and easily crumbled, and Non-Friable, which is well bonded. Although Friable asbestos is always dangerous, the cutting, sanding abrading, etc. of Non-Friable asbestos can be just as dangerous.

Environmental Hazards Management, Inc. (EHM) provides a full range of Absestos Abatement, Project Monitoring, Inspection and Project Design services. EHM hires an independent analytical laboratory for analysis of all samples, and clearance sampling for all jobs. Removal, Enclosure, and Encapsulation are all alternatives available to control asbestos hazards. EHM has a full staff of certified abatement Supervisors and Workers. Employees are licensed in Vermont, and New Hampshire.

All Asbestos Abatement work is performed in accordance with Federal, State, and Local Regulations, and ordances. Our equipment is state of the art and well maintained. Our insurance carrier is an A+ rated underwriter. All employees are fully licensed.

In addition to abatement service work, EHM will work with the owner in performing all Industrial Hygiene services related to Asbestos Abatement.

At the conclusion of all abatement projects, a package containing copies of the Contract Notifications, Project Correspondence, Transportation and Disposal Manifests, and Air Clearance Sampling are provided for the clients' permanent records file.

If the owner desires, EHM will reinsulate all systems after abatement is completed.

EHMhas perfomed work in publics buildings such as schools, hospitals, colleges, industrial, commercial, and residental properties.