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Lead Abatement / Project Monitoring & Inspection

Lead is a highly toxic metal and has been found to cause serious, if not crippling, health problems, including: damage to the nervous system, brain, and kidneys. Lead can enter the body through drinking, eating, or simply breathing. The portion of the population most at risk are children and industrial workers.

Lead is found in many products such as paints, solders, cans, and batteries. Lead enters the home as follows:

  • Paint - Lead paint was used on 50% of the homes built during the 1940's, 50's and 60's. The percentage of homes built prior to the 1940's containing lead paint is even greater.

  • Soil and Dust - Paint which has fallen to the ground or has been abraded, automotive work, and industrial pollutants containing lead, can all be present in the soil. This soil can be tracked into the house by occupants and pets, and may also enter the house through open windows, or doors.

Environmental Hazards Management, Inc. (EHM) has established itself as a leader in the abatement of lead paint and lead hazards. EHM was the first Vermont company with lead trained staff members. EHM participated in the establishment of lead guidelines and regulations through Local and State Task Forces.

The lead issue has been brought to the forefront due to the increased awareness of lead poisoning. Accordingly, expensive options, including full abatement of lead paint, are often selected. EHM has taken a unique position with respect to control of lead hazards. Operations and Maintenance through proper washing and vacuuming, coupled with limited removal of high exposure lead paint has been our most common control measure. Although there are still instances where full removal measures are appropriate. EHM will work with the building owner to select the safest, most cost effective option available. We stock a full compliment of lead abatement equipment, including HEPA vaccums, HEPA filtration devices, protective gear, as well as supplies such as stripper, tri-sodium phosphate, waste bags, encapsulants, etc.

Beyond the usual "lead paint" issue, lie other lead hazards, for instance - lead contaminated sand from firing ranges. When encountering other lead hazards, EHM is available to package the material, decontaminate the entire work area, and arrange for the proper transportation and disposal of all waste materials.

For safe, sensible, and cost effective control of lead hazards, EHM is available to meet your service needs.

As with asbestos, EHM is fully insured, and all employees are fully trained and licensed.