Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination

Environmental Hazards Management (EHM) will perform regularly scheduled, or one-time, chemical cleaning services in mechanical areas, work rooms, and clean rooms. This service includes decontamination of materials and equipment, and disposal of contaminated materials in accordance with Federal, State and Local guidelines. 

Another form of chemical cleaning is the Decommissioning of Chemical Systems. Ductwork tear out, removal of underground storage tanks, and component removal during building demolition are specialties of EHM.

EHM will package expired, unused or off-spec chemicals and lab chemicals. We will segregate, group, label, package, process approvals for disposal, and arrange for the transport of “Lab Packs” for disposal. 

Our technicians have attended 40 Hour OSHA training courses, and annual refresher classes, and other specialized trainings as required. EHM is fully insured for chemical remediation.