Indoor Air Quality Cleaning and Maintenance Air Duct Cleaning

The United States is experiencing a trend toward greater awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution. Air duct systems have been found to gather unhealthy accumulations of various airborne pollutants - dust, pollen, animal hair, and insects- all of which are natural incubators for pests, bacteria, fungi and mold.

Numerous recent studies have found that some diseases (including Legionnaires Disease) originate in, and are readily spread by, ventilation systems, and/or other contaminated building components such as carpets. Studies show dramatic increases in air flow rates after cleaning air ducts, and removing contamination sources.

To ensure a properly cleaned duct system, dust, lint, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants must be removed.

The best method for achieving this level of cleanliness is called “Source Removal.” EHM uses the “Source Removal” method for cleaning ducts which removes the source contaminants from ductwork systems by using mechanical vacuum sweepers and other specialized equipment. 

Because EHM technicians are also certified in Asbestos and Lead Abatement, and have 40 hours OSHA training, we are able to handle all types of ductwork from residential to industrial and chemical exhaust duct work. 

In addition to air duct cleaning, EHM will perform all Industrial Hygiene services related to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). EHM is fully insured for all IAQ Cleaning/Maintenance.